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How To Teach Your Dog To Give A High Five

How To Teach Your Dog To Give A High FivePhoto © rohappy –

This video by Howcast aims to train your dog in learning the high five trick. The essential lesson from this video is to understand the importance of timing. If you want to train your dog right, you should be able to observe perfect timing in terms of giving out both commands and rewards. This video will not only help your dog but it will also serve beneficial for you as a dog owner and trainer.

As you watch the video, everything seems easy because the dog follows the command very quickly. However, there are some dogs that really need a lot of practice and training before nailing a trick. There are even some dogs that are super sensitive in terms of their paws.

The training video showcases two simple steps. The initial one is placing your hand like a cup in front of your dog. Once your dog places its paws on your hand, you can teach it to prolong the position until you provide a release command. This will warm up your dog and get it comfortable placing its paws on your hand. Once the dog feels okay with this, you can move on the next step. Instead of showing a hand with a cup-like position, position your hand with the proper high five look.

The trick will be successful only if your dog performs the high five on your hand. You have to take note that this trick should be fast. Unlike the first step wherein a dog might prolong its position, this step must be completed in a quicker manner because that’s how a high-five really looks. In order to get your dog to perform the action quickly, you need to mention the release command immediately after the trick. In the video, the trainer mentions the word ‘good’ soon after the dog performs the high five. Of course, after this, you need to follow-up with a quick treat as a reward.

As mentioned earlier, timing is critical to help your dog to perform this trick efficiently. You also have to avoid adding extra movements so that your dog will not be confused with the command. The video is rather short but it has all the basic information in order to execute the high five command. The simple steps can be taught by any dog trainer; the important thing is to make sure that your dog enjoys the training sessions. Dogs vary in terms of behavior; this technique might be easy for some dogs but harder for some. Nevertheless, all it takes is proper training, time, and practice.

How To Train Your Dog To Drop Something

How-To-Train-Your-Dog-To-Drop-SomethingPhoto © Timur Pulatov –

This video by DomesticatedManners takes on an alternative approach when it comes to teaching the “drop” command to a dog. Take note though that this technique should not be used on dogs that are highly overprotective of their food or other resources: The training includes touching a dog’s treats and also getting a dog’s toy – scenarios in which dogs that are overprotective might tend to act aggressive or even bite. If you want to perform this technique on a dog with behavioral problems, it is highly suggested that you get a qualified trainer first. Let the trainer evaluate everything first to decide if this technique would be appropriate for your dog or not.

The video showcases a trainer helping a dog learn the drop command in different types of situations. This is what makes this video great; being able to teach your dog to obey the command in spite of different real-life situations. Your dog will face different instances or different environments but if you train it right, the command will still be followed properly.

The initial step is to teach your dog to eat all the treats that you drop. The trainer in the video performs this exercise many different times so that the dog will get familiar with the first step. Take note that the trainer already mentions the command ‘drop’ on this step so that the dog will get acquainted with the command.

The trainer then moves on to the next step and adds a toy as the dog’s primary interest. He will then order the ‘drop’ command and drop treats on the floor. The drop command will take effect properly once the dog drops the toy on his mouth and go for the dog treats. The trainer points all of the treats to the dog then he gets the toy. As soon as the dog finishes eating all the treats, the trainer will throw the toy back. This routine gets repeated but the trainer utilizes different things and replaces the toy to showcase variation in spite of having the same drop command in tow. Initially, all the training was featured inside a training room but at the end of the video, they go outside to familiarize the dog with a varied environment as well.

This is a great technique but may not work for all dogs, especially those with behavioral problems. Nevertheless, if you are running out of effective techniques to teach your dog to drop what’s on its mouth then go for this one! Take time and patience because it might not be easy. Keep practicing until your dog gets it in different environments or situations. The reward in the end will all be worth it.

How To Crate Train A Puppy Humanely

How To Crate Train Train A Puppy HumanelyPhoto – Photo –

This video by Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution tackles one of the most important aspects of dog training. Being able to teach your puppy proper potty training at an early stage is highly crucial – for obvious reasons! You definitely want your dog to become more disciplined in this way as soon as possible…

To start off, you should have a clear mindset in terms of perspective. You can’t blame your dog if it does not understand where to “do its business”. This is where you factor in. You are responsible to teach that, especially during the early stages of your dog’s life. It really gets very easy to get frustrated but this should be one emotion that you should try to avoid while continuing this type of dog training. A lot of people get this wrong and there is still a lot of erroneous belief regarding this aspect of dog training. You should have a positive outlook and avoid scolding or punishing your dog in the process.

Getting your dog familiarized with the crate is one important step because your dog needs to still feel comfortable in it even if it gives them less space. Avoid picking your dog up then placing it inside the crate. Keep in mind that the goal here is to let your dog go inside voluntarily. The crate should serve as an ideal place to be in and your dog should want to be in there. The best location of the crate is inside your bedroom and near your bed. By being able to see you nearby especially at night, this will lessen the stress of the dog as it adapts to the new environment. As a general rule, the maximum length of stay of a dog inside the crate is computed by one hour multiplied to the month of age. So for example, a four month old dog should only last until four hours inside the crate at a time.

When it comes to taking your dog out to go potty, you can opt to train it by going out every hour. Even if your dog does not need to potty yet, it is best that you make it comfortable outside and not feel rushed when it’s time to do its thing. Always put your dog on a leash as you go outside and try to bring treats as well. As soon as your dog does its business in the right place, reward it with treats and praise it verbally.

The best takeaway from this video is setting up your dog for success. The video is also very helpful because the trainer is very easy to understand and provides so many tips for viewers. This is probably one of the best videos out there because everything is clear, a dog owner can easily relate, and the tips are very helpful!