Could You Recognize These 20 Common Horse Diseases?

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Could You Recognize These 20 Common Horse Diseases?

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We found a very useful article that presents a list of the most common horse diseases and their symptoms. The link is after our commentary. Having the knowledge of these common horse diseases and the initial signs and symptoms that your horse may present, can help in preventing grave complications or even death.

Some of the most common horse diseases are agreed to be preventable with the proper horse vaccines. For this reason, vaccination is very important because these common vaccine-preventable diseases can cause “loss of use or even death” of a horse if not attended to immediately.
It is also important to take note of the first aid that could be given if such diseases strike. Remember, these first aids are only applicable to the management of signs or symptoms; not to manage the disease itself.

If you have several horses, the need to take note of the transmittable horse diseases becomes even more serious – because the disease of one could be the disease of all by the end of the day. It is necessary to know whether there is a need to isolate a sick horse – because they are herd creatures and may be troubled of they are kept apart from their herd.

Though it is important to take note of these early signs, it is not recommended, however, to diagnose your horse by yourself. This is not an alternative to veterinary care. When signs or symptoms of these diseases are observed, contact your vet immediately. Here is the original article: (via web archive)

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