Guide To Common Infectious Horse Diseases

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Guide To Common Infectious Horse Diseases

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Keeping your horse healthy is very essential so that he/she will work better and perform better. However, there are many threats of infections that can dampen the health of your horse. I found a list of some of the most common equine diseases that you should take note of – the link is after our commentary, at the end.

Most of the diseases that were mentioned in the article can be prevented with proper vaccination. Your vet can recommend the kind of vaccines that your horse needs. The kind of medicines that are needed varies on your location. If you have to transport your horse to an area where a specific disease is known to be rampant, you may have to vaccinate your horse.

Don’t neglect small scrapes and cuts because they can cause infection. This is especially true for horses that are used for labor or for sports. Tetanus is a very dangerous disease, and that is why a horse needs to have regular shots to keep protected from it.

Sometimes we don’t know that our animals are already feeling a bit under the weather. If your horse is sick, he might exhibit any one of the following symptoms: if it lags behind other horses or doesn’t perform at its best, if it has bad breath from the mouth or odor coming from the nostrils, if it has significant bowel changes, looks depressed, cranky with other horses and having an unsteady gait. These are just some of the signs that the horse needs help. At this point, call your vet to have it thoroughly examined.

To keep your horse from getting sick, you have to give it a good diet, proper exercise, regular grooming and shoeing, clean environment and a good interaction with other horses. Horses are intelligent creatures and when you know what to look for, you can definitely tell if they are in good condition or not.

Ok, here’s the link to the list of the common infectious diseases usually found in horses!

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