Herbs For Nervous Horses

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Herbs For A Nervous Horse

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I came across this interesting article posted by our friends at Horsetalk. It was a list of therapeutic herbs that can help in easing your pet’s anxiety. I am all for alternative therapy, because it generally has been observed to have lesser side effects as compared to stronger medications. However, these should also be administered in the right doses and with professional advice.

It can be very dangerous if you don’t have any experience when it comes to handling unruly horses. So you have to be aware of any signs and body language. Be alert and cautious if a horse is doing any of the following: pawing with front feet, ears pinned back and flat against the head, ears pinned back and its head reaching toward you, lifting or stomping the hind leg, swishing of the tail and kicking.

If your horse is manifesting any of these behaviors, don’t ever panic. Breath deeply and relax. The animal can sense your tension and it will make him feel even more agitated. Try to look at the ground or turn slightly to the side. Speak softly and keep it in a soothing voice. Try to see what caused him to act that way and take him away from it. However, if you are doing a desensitization technique, make sure that the horse is calm before you decide on exposing him again to the cause of stress. Keep on assuring him so that he will be able to overcome his fear.

If you’re still not confident enough to calm the horse, ask the help of an expert or someone who’s already used to handling these animals. It can br risky to you do it on your own.

There are a list of herbs that you can use that are reported to help reduce the anxiety in their system. If you want to heal your horse, there are several things that are required. Choose an appropriate routine for him. Combine therapy and proper diet. It’s best to do your research first before giving him anything. Ask the advice of your vet to help give the right kind of therapeutic herbs.

Ok, take a look at the list at the link below!


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