How To Make Natural Sunburn Remedies For Horses

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How To Make Natural Sunburn Remedies For HorsesHow To Make Natural Sunburn Remedies For Horses – Image To Repin / Share
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We discovered a great article about natural sunburn remedies for horses. The link follows after our introduction to the topic.

We’re always warned about the dangers of exposing ourselves to the rays of the sun without proper protection. We have sunscreens designed for when we walk around the beach or out in the fields. We even use umbrellas and big, floppy hats! Protecting our skin is indeed very important but did you know that our horses are also just as vulnerable? That’s right! These animals can also suffer from sunburn!

Horses burn in the same way as humans do. The lighter their coat is, the easier it burns. However, that doesn’t mean that their darker coated counterparts aren’t as vulnerable. It can also be painful for them. If exposed to the sun without protection, the muzzle, ears, lips, vulva, udder and coronary bands become pinker/redder and the tissues may peel and develop scales, crusts and cracks. It may also ooze some kind of discharge or even bleed. These are all signs of a severe sunburn.

There’s also another skin condition called photosensitivity which may occur when a photodynamic substance (something that intensifies or induces the toxicity of sunlight) is ingested or makes contact with the skin. It’s a kind of skin reaction/side effect that may be caused by certain medications, plants or any fly or grooming sprays.

Try to determine what kinds of photodynamic substances are affecting your horse. If it is localized, it may be caused by a topical ointment. If it appears on your horse’s legs, it may be caused by certain plants that it might have come in contact with during grazing.

Keep them from the threat of sunburn and photosensitivity. Avoid riding your horse during the time of the day when the sun is usually at its peak. Keep it under the shade so that his skin is kept cool and always put on sunscreen. Consider avoiding plants such as St. John’s Wort, Alsike Clover, Velch and Alfalfa. These are photodynamic plants that can intensify the skin condition of your horse if ingested.

Your vet may provide sunscreen and certain medication that will relieve your horse of its symptoms. You can also try making your own sunburn remedies.

Ok here’s the link to the full tutorial:

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