Natural Cures for The Top 10 Horse Ailments

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Natural Cures for Top 10 Horse Ailments

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With all the equine diseases and disorders that seem to proliferate like weeds, perhaps asking the solution from Mother Nature herself is just what it would take to minimize, control, or eliminate the health problems of our precious horses naturally! After all, before the era of the Internet and Wi-Fi, we have constantly depended on the herbs, shrubs, and trees surrounding us not only for food and shelter but also for medicine.

Although modern medicine boasting technological advancement has relegated mainstream perception of herbal treatment to “unscientific old wives’ tale” status, the great number of testimonials supporting the effectiveness and safety of alternative therapies should not be overlooked. A number of horse owners have a very favorable opinion of natural remedies. The use of natural remedies for horses also equates to not having to force anything down your horse’s throat or inject a drug. This means less possibility of injury to the horse and less cost, effort, and stress from the owner – a win-win situation!

As horses are plant eaters, herbs can be an indispensable source of vitamins and minerals, which promote optimum horse wellness. In their natural habitats, horses feast on grasslands and forage on fibrous plants, and Mother Nature has kept them kicking and thriving through this manner. Several of today’s conditions are mainly due to nutrient deficiencies (either directly or indirectly) or an impairment in the ability to efficiently absorb and utilize nutrients from different food sources. Often, problems are rectified once the required vitamins and minerals are replenished in the horse’s body. A horse’s body has recuperative abilities and can therefore heal itself as long as energy and nutrients are furnished from a well-balanced diet.

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