Top 10 Nutritional Tips for Horses

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Top 10 Nutritional Tips for Horses

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Way before cars were invented, horses were used for traveling. They were also used in battle, and for racing. They are very reliable – but need proper care.

Even though nowadays we rarely use them as a main source of transportation, horses are still considered as wonderful pets and companions. If you want to keep them in good condition, you have to make sure that they are well fed.

I read through this list that was made by our friends at ASPCA.ORG that gives you tips on how to give your horses proper nutrition and they are something that you should take note of.

One thing that was particularly interesting is that when it comes to drinking water after a strenous exercise, you must give the horse a few sips of water every three to five minutes. Horses are very particular regarding the taste and the temperature of water. Their need for hydration varies. If you live in an area where there is lush greenery, the animal won’t drink much. This is because the grass contains about 60-80% water. If the food is dryer, it will spend more time in the trough. You also need to give him fresh, unfrozen water. In the winter time, the water should be regulated. The animal can really tell if it’s a good enough to drink or not.

Give your horses fresh quantities of grass that is free from dust and mold. Otherwise your horse can get easily sick. Store its food in a clean, safe container. It’s best if the environment is dry because moisture easily attracts molds. Don’t hesitate to throw out moldy hay. Don’t risk feeding the animal with it.

Horses that receive regular exercise are able to digest food better. This tip can also be applied to humans! 😉 If you are able to exercise regularly, your metabolism becomes stronger so it burns more calories.

Horses are really great “working” animals, but they also need a lot of care and attention. Have their health checked with a vet once in a while. Don’t forget to keep them groomed as well!

Ok, here’s the full list of nutritional tips for horses!

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