Video: Amazing Beach Gallop

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Video - Amazing Beach Gallopimage – youtube (see below)

We found a great video by milliesos of a horse galloping along the beach, filmed (amazingly) while the rider was on horseback. It gives a great feeling for what it is really like riding across a wide open beach at full tilt.

Before the iron road and the motor car were made, horse-drawn carriages were the main source of transportation. Now, the world has changed forever – but some people still have their own set of horses at home. Not only do they serve as wonderful companions, but they can also be useful for all sorts of labor.

If you want to take your horse for a ride, you should condition him/her first. Before anything else, warm up your horse by taking him/her on a walk. This will elevate the heart rate. It will also warm up his/her muscles so that they’ll be utilized very well. This approach is just the same with humans and exercise. Notice that you get more cramps and sores if you don’t warm up first. It is also critical because you also have to condition your heart.

Start walking your horse for 5 minutes or so and always take note of its breathing. After walking, you can then trot your horse. Keep on monitoring its breathing and if it’s normal, you can then increase the exercise.

Take note that age plays a difference. Very young horses are not used to too much exercise and older horses get easily tired. Adjust your exercise schedules. For young ones, start with simple routines and then gradually add more if its body is already getting the hang of it. As for older ones, decrease the routine to something that it can handle. You can always check with your vet for any schedules and exercise routines that are appropriate for your pet.

Another way to ensure that your horses are in tip top shape is by taking good care of their hooves. Regularly monitor the hooves and have them trimmed by a seasoned farrier every six weeks or so. Pick the hooves and remove any dirt or debris. Take extra care when doing this step because the frog area can be a bit sensitive. Ask someone to assist you with this so that the horse remains calm.

Horses are at their best when they’re running. It’s really inspiring to see them galloping away. Watch the video below and you will see two horses riding at the beach. It’s such a beautiful sight to behold!

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