VIDEO: Amazing Friesian Horses

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VIDEO - Amazing Friesian Horsesimage – youtube (see below)

Hailing from Friesland, the northernmost province of the Netherlands famous for both its unique culture and ice skating and water sports events, the Friesian horse prides itself not only on gallantry, grace, and regal bearing but also on an ancestry that takes us to a period where kings and knights were in command and where these magnificent horses were highly prized by medieval nobility.

Since as far back as several centuries ago, the Friesian horse has carried their rider in elegance, and because of their athleticism, endurance, and strength, these horses were favored by armored knights in battles or by upper-class farmers in the countryside. At present, horse enthusiasts and riders alike have been taking advantage of the overall powerful structure and muscular bodies of this breed in various equine competitions, especially dressage. They are also perfect for pleasure riding and driving.

Any girl dreaming to be a princess or a lad to be a righteous knight will have sparkling eyes at the sight of a Friesian horse trotting across a green pasture. It can’t be helped honestly. The sight of these Friesian horses cantering across the field with their long thick mane and tail waving through the wind is a breathtaking scene worthy of painting! It’s certain even a person without expertise about horses will be blown away and be captivated by the horse’s beauty. The black coat distinct to Friesians and the silky hair on their lower legs add up to the horses’ magnificence too. The breed is noted for its brisk, high-stepping gait and its docile disposition.

Words aren’t quite enough to illustrate how unbelievably stunning Friesians are, so here the video by CallyMatherly that we found about the breed every horse fan admires. In this video, KFPS, an international studbook (not to mention the oldest one in the Netherlands), features Friesian horses. Enjoy!

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