Video: First Horse Riding Lessons

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Video - First Horse Riding LessonsVideo: First Horse Riding Lessons
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When you fantasize to be an elegant princess à la Snow White or a gallant prince riding a horse, well, it pays to start training early – not on being a royalty though but on riding the horse. 😉 Your first ride may come with a little anxiety, but once you become familiar with a horse and get used to riding one, fears tend to evaporate – leaving only excitement.

More than just a form of recreation where the rider just seemingly sits while the horse does all the hard work, horseback riding is actually an exercise with immense benefits not only on the body but also on your mind. It may not appear as such at first glance, but horseback riding is no passive sitting at all. It engages the muscles of the legs and thighs to perform the forward, backward, and lateral movements utilized to cue the horse.

Riding a horse involves a lot of flexing and contracting in order to, for instance, change direction or instruct the horse to stop. The constant tension from these muscular activities tones and strengthens the muscles, increases joint mobility, and in general improves blood circulation.

Horseback riding helps improve balance and coordination, stability, and flexibility and stimulates positive psychological feelings as horse riders gain a sense of well-being from interacting with horses.

So go ahead: snugly strap on that helmet for safety and saddle up! Remember that you can learn riding a horse regardless of age. Taking those horseback riding lessons from a good and reputable coach or instructor will greatly help you to safely and correctly start your horseback riding journey.

Here is a video where you can pick up a few valuable things regarding horseback riding:

Have fun leaning!

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