VIDEO: Foal First Time Out In Field

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Foal First Time Out In FieldVIDEO: Foal First Time Out In Field
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Usually, domestic foals are born in stables where they are safe and are kept warm by their mothers. Cute and endearing as they are, foals arrive into this world with the natural ability to swiftly escape from predators. They can stand on their feet within an hour after their birth, although foals normally would keep falling down at first (probably because of their already-long legs!)

When a foal falls down, instinct will advise it that there’s no other way but to get up speedily to its feet. The foal will spread its legs out to stand straight until it finally gets the hang of it. Hours after that, the next thing you’ll find is an ecstatic foal already trotting and cantering across the grass without getting its legs all tangled up.

Remember the first time you rode your bike on the road? Or took the first steps to run playfully on the field? That’s probably a similar feeling that little Henrietta here got on her first time out in the field on the video below by cjloyon.

Henrietta is an Andalusian × Hanoverian foal, her mother being a grade B Hanoverian show jumper. With a very green pasture nearby, this foal can’t miss the fun to have a look at everything. It gives her some excitement! Look at how she takes a trot in the field with her mother!

When the field is beautifully carpeted with lush green grass and the weather can’t be more clement and sunny, it becomes a perfect time for a foal to frolic in the field for the first time. Well, she may still have legs almost as feeble as wet noodles, but that isn’t stopping her. She continues to carry her weight and doesn’t let the day just end yet without a run or two in the field.

Ok, here is the (adorable) video:

Enjoy! 🙂

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