Video: How To Saddle A Horse

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Video: How To Saddle A HorseVideo: How To Saddle A Horse
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A trail ride sounds fun and exciting but without proper saddle fitting, it can be a huge discomfort to horses. A saddle can protect riders from falling, but if placed improperly, it can be detrimental to the physique and overall health condition of horses. But how do you actually saddle a horse? This article serves as a primer on how to do it.

Before saddling the horse, you will need items such as the saddle pad, and horse brush. First, you need to brush off the loose hair from the horse’s back. When the horse sweats under the saddle, unremoved loose hair will get wet and feel uncomfortable to the horse, so the horse will try to shake it off. Not such a good thing when you are on a ride. [1] Also, you need to brush off all dirt and dust from areas which the breast collar, saddle pad, cinches, blankets and saddle will cover.

Second, all items (especially the sharp ones) should be removed from the inside of the saddle. Check the presence of hard objects in the fibers. When present, they can cause a lot of discomfort to the horse.

When placing a saddle, it should be done in a way that the rider’s weight will be evenly distributed across the back of the horse, or else, your horse will suffer. When a saddle is not placed properly, clinical signs such as sore, pain and white spots may begin to occur. Always bear in mind that a properly fitted saddle can spare horses from discomfort, and of course, protect the riders from falls which may be triggered by improper saddling.

When placing the saddle, the horse must be tied with a lead rope and a halter. Make sure to have full control in placing the saddle on the equine’s back. Put the equipment as gentle as you can instead of thumping it hard on the back. This way, you make the process of saddling gentle and comfortable for the horse, so putting on the equipment next time would not be difficult for you.

What you have learned so far are just some of the most basic tips before placing the saddle on the horse. Want to know how to place a saddle on the back of the horse correctly? Check out the video below to discover how it’s done correctly.


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