VIDEO: Miniature Foal Plays With a Giant Ball!

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Miniature Foal Plays With a Giant Ballimage – youtube (see below)

This video is just sooooo adorable and the miniature horse is just too cute for words. Please excuse my giddiness, but I think you will feel the same way when you watch the video below. 🙂

Miniature horses are usually found in Europe and America. They are very friendly and they are great to have as pets. However, they still retain their equine qualities, so you should be aware that they are still horses that have a natural flight or fight response when provoked.

When it comes to shelter, miniatures thrive on pasture, and sunshine. They are like kids who love to run around and play. A three sided run-in shed is a great shelter that will protect them from the cold wind and harsh weather. Make sure that the shed is open and airy so that they can get a good amount of airflow.

As for grooming, your horse should have its hooves trimmed at an early age. Work with an experienced farrier who is used to working with miniatures. Maintain regular dental check ups so that your horse won’t have any problems in the future. Also grooming is important because it will keep your horse clean. Use this moment to bond with your pet. Remember touch is also a form of communication and could even be seen as a kind of language! You can show your love and affection for your pet through this process. Bathing is very important also for horses but don’t do it as often because it will remove the animal’s natural oils and the coat won’t look as shiny.

Lastly, it’s very important that your horse goes for regular check-ups with your vet. Your pet’s diet, exercise and medical needs should be discussed so that its health is ensured. There are many diseases that can be transmitted from one horse to another, so that’s why it’s imperative that your animal is in top shape for them to live longer.

Miniature horses are so fun to have as pets because they are easier to manage as compared with their regular-sized counterparts. They also will eat less! Please do your research first before getting one. 🙂

Okay, here’s the video:


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