VIDEO: Spectacular, Highly Acclaimed Friesian Stallion

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VIDEO - Spectacular Highly Acclaimed Friesian StallionVIDEO: Spectacular, Highly Acclaimed Friesian Stallion
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Hercules living in the body of a horse! Check out this fantastic video by ThePinnacleFriesians that we found in YouTube that demonstrates this Friesian stallion’s magnificence. It is indeed spectacular and jaw dropping, as stated in the title.

The video shows photographs and video clips of this breathtaking creature as he displays his smooth agility and gorgeous physique. I am sure you would love to thread your fingers in his long, sleek mane. Every stride is a flash of beauty!

This Friesian stallion from Northwest Arkansas, named “Frederik the Great”, has been described as one with power, elegance, beauty, and nobility. You can see that in the still frame of the video, he looks almost like a bronze statue! It was also reported in the website that he had received the very top class of 1st premie at the stallion inspections! Look at the way he moves! Imagine the amazing feeling of being on the back of a horse such as this!

This highly acclaimed stallion does not just provide horse lovers with breathtaking exhibitions on YouTube; he is also considered one of the most photogenic Friesians in the world. He has been the subject of many photographs and paintings that are available in Not only that; he has also had several movie offers! There aren’t very many true ‘equine rockstars’, but you might say this is one of them. He is, indeed, ‘equine eye-candy’.

Friesian stallions look majestic and elegant not just in their appearance but also in their performance–in battle during the old times and in dressage in the modern times. They were used as warhorses during the war because of their strength and manageability but in the modern times, aside from dressage competitions and pleasure riding, they are also being featured in the film industry – the latest being The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.

Watch this dramatic stallion in the video and witness for yourself:

Enjoy! 🙂

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