Video: The Incredible Loyalty of Arabian Horses

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Video - The Incredible Loyalty of Arabian HorsesVideo: The Incredible Loyalty of Arabian Horses
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Originating from the middle East, Arabian horses are considered one of the most famous and easily recognizable equine breeds. The bloodlines of this ancient breed are said to be present in other modern breeds as manifested by their improved refinement, elegance, power, agility, speed and endurance.

This breed also come in black, chestnut, gray and roan coats – with black being less common. [1] In addition to possessing well-refined “wedge-shaped” heads that are easily recognizable, Arabian horses are also recognized for their elegantly arched necks, as well as fine and silky manes.

Arabian horses are known not only for their admirable beauty, elegance and endurance, but for their willingness and loyalty which are yet to be paralleled by other breeds.

One study suggested that horses can be one of human’s loyal and long-term buddies, provided that their owners treat them properly. In fact, even after long periods of separation, horses can recognize people who had been good to them before. [2]

The study involved a female experimenter which has been separated from three saddlebred and 20 Anglo-Arabian horses for eight months. In one of the tests, whenever the experimenter gave out the verbal command “Reste” (which means “stay” in English), the horses would remain immobile.

After eight months of being separated, researchers have noticed that the horses elicit the same behaviors towards the experimenter. They even suggested that with continuous positive reinforcement, horses have become cordial even to new faces. And when re-introduced to people who have shown them goodness, they show the same desirable behaviors.

Futhermore, the researchers have claimed that the reaction of horses towards positive reinforcement in correcting behaviors does not significantly deviate from that of humans: When training is conducted with positive reinforcement, horses tend to learn better. Also, learning as well as memorization takes place easily with the help of positive reinforcement, whereas horses that are not trained with positive reinforcement tend to show a number of negative behaviors which may include falling down, kicking, and biting towards humans. [3]

Arabian horses are said to be intelligent and easily trained. And with ample training that is accompanied by positive reinforcement, there could be high chances that you’ll be able to bring out the loyal characteristics of your Arabian horses.

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